Published: August 16, 2018

The Paris MoU has also released the final report on its CIC on Safety of Navigation carried out last year. It concluded that the overall result was “satisfactory”. There was a focus on compliance with ECDIS requirements, verifying the minimum standards for navigation equipment and including familiarity with the equipment. The Paris MoU noted that deficiencies concerning navigation equipment, running at 6.21% over a six-year period, were high. During the CIC, a total of 4,288 inspections were carried out involving 4,217 individual ships. The overall CIC detention rate was 3.5%, with 146 ships being detained. The CIC-related detention rate was 1.1%, with 47 ships being detained. Ships from 87 flag states were inspected during the CIC. The highest number of ships detained for CIC-related issues were from Panama (nine), followed by the Marshall Islands (four), the Russian Federation (four) and Togo (four). The highest percentage of ships detained, however, were Albania (50%), followed by Egypt (25%), Ukraine (14.3%) and Togo (10.8%).

The full report is available here.


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