Published: September 27, 2018

Following some recent incidents in this area, there have been some changes made to the traffic regulation scheme (TRS) in the region in order for the authorities to have more control to prevent and manage incidents. The major changes are:

  • The transit status time has been confirmed as being 168 hours (increased from 48 hours in July 2017).
  • All ships starting from a port within the Marmara Sea (not just the Turkish Strait) must seek clearance from the harbour master if the ship becomes unseaworthy. Those ships will then be obliged to complete their passage of the Turkish Straits with a pilot on board.
  • Ships that carry a military vessel as cargo will be considered as a military vessel in the area.
  • If there is a collision, grounding, fire or contact with the shore then the ship must employ salvage services from the General Directorate of Coastal Safety and is not allowed to try and resolve the issue without their assistance.
  • No ships are allowed to overtake another ship while passing under bridges and must not come within 100m of the legs of the bridges at any time.

Members ships trading in the area are advised to check with local agents for more details.


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