Published: November 15, 2018

The Seafarers’ International Research Centre (SIRC) has developed a free training resource which has been designed to improve relationships between those working on ships and staff working ashore. Research in 2016 (funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and The TK Foundation) indicated that there are very many issues which cause tensions in relationships between sea-staff and shore-based personnel. Many of these relate to interactions between seafarers and port personnel/officials. However, a small number relate to intra-organisational relationships where there might be a lack of understanding or appreciation of the various roles of the ship and shore staff. To try to raise awareness of these issues SIRC has made an animation accompanied by a written training guide available to all ship operators as a free resource, produced with funding support from Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

If you would like to preview the animation please visit the SIRC website

If you would like a free copy of the animation and training guide, please complete a request form available from the SIRC website and return to Louise Deeley at


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