Published: November 22, 2019

Update 22/11/2019: Local correspondents report Umm Qasr Port has now reopened and operations are to gradually resume. Due to the changeable situation, Members are encouraged to contact local correspondents as required for further updates.

Update 21/11/2019: Local correspondents advise Umm Qasr Port has been closed for the last three days and currently remains closed.

Update 08/11/2019: Local correspondents advise port operations resumed yesterday after an agreement was reached between the protestors and the city councillor of Basrah

Operations at this port have been at a complete standstill since last Wednesday (30 October) after protesters blocked its entrance. Umm Qasr receives the vast bulk of Iraq’s crucial imports of grain, vegetable oils and sugar. Iraq’s oil exports take place mostly from nearby offshore platforms which have not been affected. Trucks carrying goods have been prevented from entering or leaving the port and some shipping operations have been halted because of the port’s closure.

Local correspondents confirm that as at 5 November the port remains closed due to protestors blocking entry. There have been confrontations between the military and protestors as the authorities try to reopen the port, and Members are advised to check with local agents and correspondents for the latest situation.


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