Published: December 6, 2019

As set out on 24 October 2019 the Indian Director General of Shipping (DGS) issued an Order on 16 October (no. 5 of 2019) stating that single use plastics would be banned on ships in Indian waters with effect from January 2020.  The Order also contained a clause saying that some plastics would be banned with immediate effect (including cutlery, plastic bags and water bottles less than 10 litres).

Local Correspondents have checked with the DGS and confirmed that the Government is introducing the ban in stages, and the regulation is currenly not in force. The Correspondents also understand that Port State Control inspectors have been boarding ships advising Masters to keep single use plastics in a bonded locker and to ensure that such plastics are not disposed of in Indian waters.

Foreign ships intending to enter Indian ports are also required to make an entry in the log identifying the single use plastic items and record the ship’s position of when the items are stored.


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