BSAFE sailors' society (test)

Sailors' Society (TEST)

Having a safe work place and to be able to return home unharmed is vital for all seafarers.  We provide guidance on how to develop a safety culture – where learning from mistakes and looking after yourself and colleagues is an integral part of everyday life on board ship

The onboard safety of crew members is fundamental to the efficient operation of a ship. There are many factors and influences that can impact the safety of onboard activities. However, based on the experience of the Britannia Loss Prevention department, we consider there to be three core topics from a crew perspective that can contribute to a safe onboard environment: the implementation of an effective Safety Culture, strong Safety Leadership skills and the more applied aspects of safe working practices, referred to as Practical Safety. This latter topic embraces some of the core activities contributing to safe working, such as risk awareness and hazard identification.

More details of each of these three topics are provided in the relevant sections of the BSafe site, including the following articles that have been developed by the Britannia Loss Prevention department.

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